Here are just a few of the fabulous features the PRO-RACE DIRECTOR offers to 1/24th, 1/32nd & H.O. racing.!

· Semi/consi or Round Robin up to 200 (So. Cal. USRA) & 208 (Nat. USRA) driver's at one time, for each race.

·Enter driver's name once, ONLY ONCE ! There is also a driver's list routine that is very useful in the club type racing environment.

·Keeps track of all pertinent driver data and backs up to hard drive. If the computer fails, once repairs are made, with 3 keystrokes your right where you left off.

·USRA National and USRA SoCal type race formats. In total there are 30 different ways to setup a Round Robin (sitout type race) and 28 different ways to setup a Semi / Consi style race. Also handles Italian and the new Australian race formats, Plus special ways to run NASCAR type races.

·European or single lane type's of driver lane rotation.

·When in the semi/consi mode, the program suggests to the race director several ways to setup a race in the most expedient manner. Including such things as 1 - 4 of the top qualifying driver's move up to the main event, and adding up to 10 driver's per consi or semi. i.e. semi/consi with a round robin twist.

·Round Robin on 4, 6, or 8 lanes, with single or double person sit outs. The program also gives the race director the option of selecting the Red Group, Black Group, or both Groups. Use the 4 inside, 4 middle, 4 outside, or combine inside & outside lanes. You can also run the 6 middle lanes. These are great for summer races when you need turn marshals.

·The program gives the race director the option of using all mains, i.e. with a 24 driver entry it would set up 3 mains with the ability to keep them separate or combining all races together to see how the driver's placed against each other.

·For the die-hard do-it-yourself type of person there is a manual race mode. Except for the driver rotation, most all race function are accomplished manually.

·In the qualifying and practice sections, the program utilizes a microsecond timer function, which results in extremely accurate timing 6 digits to the right of the decimal point. (most programs use the normal PC timer which has resolution of 55 milliseconds or 2 ½ digit accuracy.) This process virtually eliminates ties during qualifying, but should one arise the program looks at the driver's second best time to determine the winner.

·Based on driver sign-up, you can qualify in ascending, descending, or random order. In the Round Robin mode, you can also let the computer do the set-up of driver's for their starting positions, based on the above mentioned ways. This feature works great when the random order is selected.

·Qualify driver's in a lap mode or in .5, 1, 2, or 3 minute increments. In the 3 minute mode the first driver is the only one to receive that time. All other driver's will have 2 minutes to qualify. The race director also has the option to re-qualify driver's in the bye-round. The program subtracts 30 seconds from the driver's time when in the 2 or 3 minute mode. After qualifying is completed, the driver's are sorted by their best times. There's even a warm up period allowed if the race director so desires.

·If semi/consi is selected, after qualifying has been completed, the program determines all of the driver's starting positions in their appropriate consi or semi. After the driver's for the first race pick their starting lanes, IN THE FLASH OF AN EYE YOUR READY TO START YOUR FIRST HEAT !

·The program also has the ability to select the top qualifier based on your driver sign-up list. You would use this mode if you are by-passing the qualifying section all together.

·Insert and delete laps in real time or at the end of race, if you choose to do lap correcting. The program also keeps track of these figures and prints them with each heat result.

·View current race results during intermission. Show the driver's where they stand and how many heats they have completed, their best lap time, which lane they did it on, average laps per heat, as well as how many laps were inserted or deleted .

·In the race mode the current driver's and their total laps are displayed at the bottom of the screen in real time. You can toggle the bottom to also display how many laps the driver's are out of first place, and toggle again to see how many laps driver's in 5th through 8th place have to make up in order to make the cut. This makes calling the race for the race director a snap and also keeps the driver's informed as well.

Enter driver's names, qualify, set-up, and run the race... AUTOMATICALLY ! …NOTHING TO DO BY HAND...


1. Track length

2. Heat Length

3. Length of intermission between heats

4. Qualifying time (.5, 1, 2, 3 minutes)

5. Qualifying lane, or auto detect

6. Lane colors

7. Define up to 36 different classes of cars

8. Set-up timed or lap races

9. Warm-up time before first heat & Qualifying.

10. Minimum and maximum lap times

11. Car coast time (time added to driver's time whenever power is removed from track, to prevent the car from coming in under minimum lap time)

12. Number of lanes on track (4, 6, or 8)

13. Define up to 4 tracks

14. Set-up your entire weekly race schedule and have the computer load all your current race perimeters for that race.

15. Chose which lane for sitout, computer picks the incoming lane based on European rotation.

16. Track calls can be total power removal or partial power removal from the track when wired to SRT spec.'s .

17. Input zone positions for driver's in round robin and semi/consi race modes

18. Remote track call capability, hard wired or use a transmitter & receiver. (available through SRT)

·Remote reset capability of laps and times for each driver's position when in the practice race mode. Useful when a second monitor is located at track.

·Practice mode has large L.E.D. type display that shows driver's current time, flashes when his best time is beaten. Also shows laps and time seller information.

·Can toggle between 3 different voltage settings from the keyboard when wired to SRT specs. Example.. 16v, 12v, 6v.

·Can attach a caution light and have it activate when using reduced voltage track call feature.

·Selectable I/O settings for each computer interface card.

·Time seller that can control up to 4 tracks at a time,* with printouts of time sold for each lane of each track. Future releases will use this data and tie in with a point of sell software. (*separate computer interface card needed for each track)

Print routines include...

1. Driver's list

2. Qualifying list

3. Consi's and Semi's in bracket form

4. Heat race results

5. Current race results

6. Final race results

7. Time seller

8. Printouts of previous races

9. Documentation

10. Read-me files (changes to software)


Plus shipping & handling cost. We have cable, and can assemble system cables upon request at additional cost.

.. AND THE GREAT THING IS THAT IT'S VERY USER FRIENDLY... with no previous racing or computer experience you can conduct a race with the PRO-RACE Director …

We also build high quality 75 and 30 amp relay panels for 4, 6, & 8 lane tracks, Also drag strip relay panels.

Cidex voltage reduction modules are available through Cidex Electronics at 908-238-7598.

*Contact SRT for NON USA orders.

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